What does the year 2022 hold?

Love, health and business?

*Attention* Here is the new address for my future consultations:
715 Davidson East Gatineau

Here are the dates for my new consultations:
October 8, November 12 and December 10.

Call me at (613) 759-0502 or at (514) 928-9355 for my next consultations in Montreal

My presentation


My name is Béatrice, Madame Bé, and I was born in Lauzon, county of Levis near Quebec City and I’m clairvoyant for 45 years.

I studied at the Couvent de St-Damien, county of Bellechasse. I have a degree in esoteric sciences and hypnotherapy, magi sciences and Knights Templar, and The Quest for the Grail.

I felt the first signs of clairvoyance very young, but it was around the age of 18 that I really developed my faculties. I was able to check the breadth and accuracy of my translucent intuitions by making predictions and the results were amazing.

So, I was convinced of the potential I had in me. Subsequently, I started a whole personal discipline to gain ultimate self-confidence and absolute self-control.

My references


Conferences, dinner conferences, Club Optimiste de Hull, Chevaliers de Colomb, Filles d’Isabelle, Polyvalentes du Québec et en Ontario

Animation of a program on the radio of C.K.C.H. and C.J.R.C,

TV shows on Canal 3 Communautaire in Gatineau and Canal 22 in Orleans, Ontario.

Presentations, conferences, workshops, consultations at Salon de la femme, Salon des Célibataires, Salons de l’Agriculture and Salons de l’Habitation across Quebec.

My specialisations

Psychometry (clairvoyance by objects and photos)

Soul reading

Dreams interpretation

Workshops : 


  • Self-control
  • Develop intuition and your magnetism
  • Learning to love each other
  • The Clock
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Visualization
  • Astral Travel
  • How to receive and transfer energy?
  • How to connect to your soul?
  • How to free yourself from negative people?
  • How to see the aura?
  • Control your thoughts
  • Develop memory
  • Discover vibrations and visualization

On request, I can also give classes in Tarot de Marseille and Templar Knights Tarot. 

My services

My mission is to guide you in your evolution by awakening your consciousness so that you can finalize and fulfill your mission in this life.

Ask me your questions, I will answer you and I will guide you! 

There are 2 types of consultations:


Private consultations

Phone consultations

fees are $90 payable by credit card, interac transfer, paypal or cash:

What is a soul reading?

First, you must give me your consent. It’s a respect I owe you, otherwise it would be entering your house without ringing.

A clairvoyant must go in the past and in previous lives, because what you are, you were in other lives and it’s impossible to read the present and the future, if we don’t recognize the soul in his evolution and through the times.


Your mission on earth

You wonder and keep saying, “What are the lessons I come to learn on earth? What should I do now? Where am I in the journey of my soul? What has happened this year? What will happen in all areas of my life, love, finances, business and health?”

You have a mission to accomplish. Do you think you can miss out on the consequences? Well no!

You must fulfill your mission. You need more than one life to accomplish your mission, so you must return to earth until your mission is fully accomplished!


Your life’s plan

Your destiny is already drawn. Some events that you have already experienced, are repetitions of your past mistakes. You must accept them to finalize them. You take back a body and come back to this earth to finalize what you haven’t understood in your other previous lives. You redo a new path to understand your mistakes and to gain and develop total control of your thoughts and subconscious.

This new journey will fill you with love and inner peace. You must return to the source. This is your path and your life plan for the years to come.


My consultations

My consultations are only by appointment.

For Saint-Lambert, Montreal, Monteregie, you can contact me at (514) 928-9355.

I also offer group consultations, and also workshops. If you are a group of 6 person or more, I offer free consultation to the person who receives me.


*Attention* Here is the new address for my future consultations:
715 Davidson East
Here are the dates for my new consultations:
October 8, November 12 and December 10.

Call me at (613) 759-0502 or at (514) 928-9355 for my next consultations in Montreal

Discover also my workshops.

For more information, you can contact me at (514) 928-9355 (Montréal) or at (613) 759-0502 (Gatineau).

Glad to see you soon!


My workshops


Address :

715 Davidson Street EGatineau, QC J8R 2Y7 

Hours :

9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m

Workshops on the teaching of the Tarot du Graal or the Tarot de Marseille by intuition.

Training will be given in Gatineau, no date is fixed

(Session 1 for beginners)


To register for the workshops, please confirm your presence by contacting me at (514) 928-9355 or at (613) 759-0502 to reserve your seats.
Take note that I offer group workshops. For groups of 6 person or more, the workshop is free for the person who receives me.

Tools to rebuild self-confidence

Develop your intuition

Develop your magnetism

How to receive and transfer energy

How to connect to your soul

Know how to be in balance

Control your thoughts

Learn to love itself


Attraction law

Creative visualization

Astral travel

Contact me

You can reach me by dialing (514) 928-9355 (Montréal) or (613) 759-0502 (Gatineau).

Leave me a message and I will call you back as soon as possible.


My fees is $90 payable by credit card, interac transfer, paypal or cash.

I offer you my services in the utmost discretion and with complete honesty.


Note: I also offer my services on the South Shore in St-Lambert: (514) 928-9355.


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